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Get to Know Us


Meet White Pony Absorbent Products, Inc.

White Pony was founded in 2018 by a small group of Automotive enthusiasts. We were simply looking for a more elegant, cost effective way to contain, encapsulate and clean-up spills on our floors. Our original product is uniquely targeted for oil and water based spills with applications ranging from Automotive to Industrial Plants and everything in-between. 

After being in business for a year and attending various conventions, expo's and conferences, a deeper passion for environmental responsibility was ignited. Chasing that passion lead the team at White Pony to aggressively R&D and launch two Oil and Gas specific products. 

We don't know where this journey will take us but we are looking forward to seeing what's on the road ahead. We hope that you join us on our journey and follow us on social media.


Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

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Tailored for Oil & Gas Pads

DiRT is an evolution of White Pony Dry that was created with the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry in mind, more specifically Land Drilling, Completions and Production operations. This product is specifically blended to closely match the native soil environments and contains no chemicals or toxins allowing for the excess product to be left behind. Once the spill is absorbed and encapsulated, it can be picked up, thus eliminating the need for secondary cleanup.

Thialf is a crane vessel equipped with 2x 7100mT cranes, used for installation and removal of variou


Extreme Performance that Floats

PetraSorb is a unique and proprietary oil spill absorbent. It is a dry, white granular high capacity super absorbent polymer that instantly absorbs and solidifies oil and other hydrocarbons. PetraSorb oil spill absorbent will permanently solidify fuel and other oil products by encapsulation, making it easier and more cost effective to respond to oil spills on land or water.

As an oil spill absorbent, its unique characteristic is that liquid petroleum products and other liquid hydrocarbons
are converted to a solid matrix.

Once absorbed PetraSorb will not leach even under pressure and will float indefinitely.

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All Purpose

Engineered all-purpose absorbent product that works on virtually any spill, on hard surfaces.
Ideal for:
Manufacturing and Machine Shops, Dealerships, Gas Stations, Fuel Depots, General Industry, Household and Janitorial Services. This absorbent gets the job done and saves you time and money.


Our Customers



White Pony Absorbent Products, Inc.

3122 County Road 181 

Alvin, TX 77511


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