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White Pony Dry - 10lb Bucket

White Pony Dry - 10lb Bucket

SKU: 860001627411

White Pony Dry - Industrial Grade Super-Absorbent. (2 Gallon Bucket)


Patent Pending Technology Provides:

-Immediate Spill Encapsulation

-Superior Cleanup with Virtually No Residue

-Inert and Biodegradable

-Ultra Effective and Fast acting


Our Product Rapidly and Effectively Encapsulates, Traps and Absorbs Virtually ALL* Liquid Spills from Most Surfaces, Including Oils, Greases, Water Based Spills, Hydraulic Spills and Lubricants.

*Not Compatible with Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)


"White Pony...So good, it should be illegal!"

  • Directions

    For Best Results:

    1. Apply White Pony Dry Powder to the top and around perimeter of spill using a scoop or sifter.
    2. Immediately agitate product through spill using a brush or broom.
    3. Pick up clumped (saturated) product and dispose appropriately. (Note: Any product that did not change color or clump can be reserved for reuse).
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